Aspro Boy

"Fast and effective pain relief"


SECRET ID : Adam Bender
ARCHETYPE : Defender
ORIGIN : Science
PRIMARY : Empathy
GLOBAL ID : @Energoid
POWERS : A unique combination of bad science, Plutonium pettiness and pill-popping made Aspro the man he is today.

Healing Aura, Heal Other, Absorb Pain, Resurrect, Clear Mind, Fortitude, Recovery Aura, Adrenalin Boost, Power Bolt, Power Blast, Power Burst, Aim, Recall Friend, Teleport, Hurdle, Health, Stamina, Assault

Adam Bender was hopelessly addicted to Aspro tablets, an aussie invented analgesic,
(hard drugs are sooo last millennium), and was struggling through 1st year Pharmacy at
Adelaide University.
Meanwhile, billions of kilometres away, the inhabitants of Pluto had just heard that arrogant Earthlings had taken away Pluto’s status as a planet. In retribution, the enraged Plutonians decided they would teach Earth a lesson and fired a devastating cosmic ray at the planet,
with the aim of destroying it utterly (Plutonians are vertically challenged, rather short-tempered, and have massive inferiority complexes).
The cosmic ray had so far to travel, however, that by the time it reached Earth all it struck
was Adams’ drug stash, with barely enough power to rattle the bottles contained therein.
Adams’ next IV Aspro fix though, was now energized with cosmic rays and when he injected into himself, it had an incredible effect! It resulted in both his arms dropping off, but also imbued
him with the amazing ability to generate cosmic ray enhanced analgesia wherever a little pain relief is required, and in addition, he can also deal out a hefty blast with his own cosmic rays to send foes flying!

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