Cascade Effect

Quantum Cascade: Activate!


SECRET ID : Katherine di Costa
ORIGIN : Technology
PRIMARY : Fire Blast
SECONDARY : Ice Manipulation
GLOBAL ID : @Min Min
POWERS : Cascade Effect derives her impressive offensive array from a battle suit of her own design, adapted from the work of her father, an eminent scientist. It features near complete thermodynamic manipulation of her local area for point-black protection and ranged offense, as well as a range of short-term power boosting capabilities.

Katherine di Costa is the only daughter of Dr Stephan di Costa, a well known Particle Physics researcher. Katherine followed her father's example and has taken work in the sciences and is currently a doctoral student in the field of Robotics, although due to recent events her academic career may be on hold.

Her father had been working on a near unlimited power source by harnessing quantum flux effects into controlling the thermodynamics of the immediate local atmosphere. His last message to her before the attack on his lab was "I have it! It's the cascade effect!" Katherine had not even realised he was anyone's target, but it became obvious that he had known he was in danger when she received a package by courier the next day. The package contained a small device, some schematics and a hastily scribbled note from her father.

The note said that just by receiving the package that she had become a target and implored her to install the device into an exoskeleton as soon as possible. The urgency was enough to get her away from her father's hospital room and into her robotics lab. A good thing too, as her lab came under attack during the testing of the exoskeleton. She had no idea how her father's device worked at that stage and she was basically sending it control codes at random, but through an accident she managed to activate the Inferno function which was enough to repel her attackers.

With her father gravely injured in hospital, but safe as long as he remained in his coma, Katherine managed to set up a small base in an abandoned area of Baumton. Her plan is to use the battle suit powered by her father's work to find out what happened to him and perhaps do some good along the way. She's quickly uncovering more and more about the functioning of her father's device as well, so her abilities continue to expand.

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