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Wednesday 3 October 2007

The Sewer Trial and the Eden Trial loom ever closer. But will the New Defenders be ready? Embergale has been providing some intel which should be helpful in formalising a strategy. Discussions of which can be found HERE

Wednesday 26 September 2007 - Positron's Task Force

(organiser Terra Australis @Hamern)
Progress Update by Terra: The Positron's TF got away last night with a few of the regular defenders showing some new heroes the ropes.

It was rather slow going, by the end of the night we were only half way through the TF. I plan on completing most of the rest of the missions on the weekend, so that next Wednesday we can all do the last mission together.

Wednesday 19 September 2007 - Positron's Request (Postponed)

(organiser Terra Australis @Hamern)
No matter how far we advance, we should not forget where we came from, or those who helped us along the way! It seems Positron is having difficulties again and needs a small team to help him out. Terra will take a group along for this, maybe a good training run for any Junior Defenders.

Of course, not all the senior team will be needed for this job, I'm sure someone can volunteer to lead the senior group on contact missions this week.

Ok, lets have a show of hands to help our old buddy Positron!

Update 19 September
It seems Positron has developed a glitch in his Armoured suit and will be having emergency maintenance tonight. Although he did remark that an extra week should give him sufficient time to follow up on some of his leads.

Date To Be Confirmed

(tentatively 26 Sept or 3 Oct 2007)
The Tale of Two Trials
(organizer @interupt - Embergale)
Register your interest for the The Abandon Sewer Trial (Head of the Hydra) and the Eden Trial at the NDotSC forum Thread here

The Abandon Sewer Trial Brief
Level Range: 38 - 40 (for the person getting the mission. Otherwise its L36+)
Zone: Founder's Falls
Primary Enemy: Hydra, Rikti

Eden Trial Brief
Level Range: 39 - 41 (Leader must be in this range)
Notes: Requires 4 people
Zone: Eden
Primary Enemy: Devouring Earth


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