Outta My Way, I'm Comin' Through!


SECRET ID : Antonio Rodriquez Martinez
ORIGIN : Mutant
PRIMARY : Invulnerability
GLOBAL ID : @theBandit

Resist Physical Damage, Temp Invulnerability, Dull Pain, Resist Elements, Unyielding, Resist Energies, Invincible, Unstoppable, Barrage, Energy Punch, Bone Smasher, Taunt, Whirling hands, Energy Transfer, Total Focus, Swift, Health, Stamina, Hasten, Super Speed, Focused Accuracy, Laser Beam Eyes, Torrent, Sands of Mu


— END of an ERA —
As, reported earlier today (20 February 2007), the Colossal Full-bore was anoited as Hero of the City at a cermony held earlier today and presented with a badge in recognition of his services to the city and the people of Paragon. When asked about how he felt on receiving the above badge, he was quoted as saying;

"While receiving this medal is my greatest honour during my years of service to Paragon, battling all manner of villainy from the street gangs of the Skulls and Hellions to the mysterious Malta. I've battled demons, devils and ghosts. I've battled mechinations of the Nemesis. Fought and defeated the Praetorian's. I've battled the Ralaruu in the Shadow Shard. But… none of this would have been possible without the aid of heroes far greater then myself.

Without the likes of Yellow Streak, Snow Hare, Frozen Fury, The members of the Extraordinary 8 (past & present), British Lion (may he rest in Peace) and my original team mates from the PCA, The many members of the New Defenders of the Southern Cross, and of course Earthstorm and the other members of Trash Gallery. But i must pass out 2 very special thank you's.

One to a kid still in his teens. And while he may be young, he has a heart of gold and a will and determination that Epitomizes the Hero's of Paragon. A kid that has been there through the good and the bad, especially through the earlier years - its not easy being a foreigner in a strange city. He made the shifting to a new server…. err… I mean city… so easy. Combustion Boy my thanks to you.

The second special thank you is to Maroon. And while I know she is now a member of the Extraordinary 8, her odd hours for battling injustice married my own and on countless occasions I would not have been able to overcome the odds without her by my side. Maroon, thank you.

And finally to all the young kids and aspiring heroes out there, it can be a long tough battle and at some points you may think that the effort is not worth the time or reward, but pushing past these barriers is what will truly make you a hero to your friends, your family and the kind and generous people of Paragon.

Thank you Citizens!"

On a related matter, Full-bore confirmed earlier speculation that he would be spending less time in spandex and more time focusing on his ambassador duties. When asked was it a tough decision he was quoted as saying:

"I had been deliberating on this decision for some time and with the retirement of so many of the heroes I grew up with it never seemed like the right time. But now, having ventured out with the New Defenders, I can see that these kids are more then capable of taking the fight to the villains. So although it was a long time coming, the decision in the end was quite easy."

When asked if the Citizens of Paragon were likely to see their favourite Mexican super hero on the streets again. He had this to say.


Rikti… I hate Rikti. If there is one thing I hate more than Rikti, its Rikti disturbing my well earned retirement.

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