Golden Age Guardian

The greatest hero of World War II!


SECRET ID : Mortimer Oscar Ryan
ORIGIN : Science
PRIMARY : Invulnerability
SECONDARY : Energy Melee
GLOBAL ID : @YellowStreak
POWERS : Exposure to alien meteorite energy has left Mortimer with skin as hard as steel and the ability to channel energy through his fists to devestating effect.
Resist Physical Damage, Temp Invulnerability, Dull Pain, Unyielding, Resist Energies, Invincibility, Unstoppable, Barrage, Energy Punch, Bone Smasher, Taunt, Whirling Hands, Build Up, Energy Transfer, Swift, Health, Stamina, Air Superiority, Flight

Mortimer Ryan was a young farmhand in Grover's Mill New Jersey one night in 1938 when several meteorites fell to Earth, lighting up the skies for miles around with their explosive impacts.
Initially reported as a Martian invasion, the meteor strike was hushed up by the government and explained away as a fake radio broadcast by a young Orson Wells. The meteors were taken to a newly commissioned special containment facility simply known as 'Area 51'.
Investigating one of the impact sites, Mortimer was one of several people exposed to an unknown type of energy eminating from the meterorite remains. Of all the people exposed, Mortimer was the only survivor, and the government wanted to know why.

Extensive testing showed that Mortimer's skin had become as hard as steel, rendering him bulletproof, and he had gained the ability to channel the alien energy into his fists, enabling him to punch his way though the strongest armour plating.

As warclouds gathered over Europe, Mortimer was provided with a special persona and costume, to be used as a 'secret weapon' should the United States end up at war with Nazi Germany. His codename was 'Guardian'

more to come

The guardian in the 1960s
The Guardian in the 1980s
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