"The Kookaburra always has the last laugh!"


SECRET ID : Tim Fischer
ARCHETYPE : Defender
ORIGIN : Technology
PRIMARY : Sonic Resonance
SECONDARY : Sonic Attack
GLOBAL ID : @YellowStreak
POWERS : Tim's wings allow him to fly like a bird, while the 'clamour bands' allow him to amplify and control sound waves.
Sonic Barrier, Sonic Haven, Sonic Siphon, Disruption Field, Sonic Dispersion, Clarity, Sonic Cage, Liquefy, Shriek, Scream, Shout, Howl, Siren's Song, Amplify, Hover, Flight, Swift, Health, Stamina.


Probably the most high profile member of the New Defenders of the Southern Cross, the Kookaburra has been called everything from a 'glory hound' and 'poser' to 'Australia's hanbdsomest hero'.
Tim never aspired to be a superhero. He was just another rudderless 20-something who spent his time playing playstation and avoiding making any decision about what to do with his life when he discovered his grandfather's secret past.

Tim's grandfather, Thomas Fischer, fought crime as a 'golden age' superhero called the 'KingFisher' after he crafted the frame of his flying wings from a mysterious 'anti-gravity' metal he recovered from a meteorite in 1936.
During World War II the KingFisher fought alongside the Golden Age Guardian, the original Yellow Streak, and the size-changing Canadi-ant as part of the 'Defenders of Liberty' supergroup. But at the end of the war the 'Defenders' were disbanded with each of the heroes returning to their native lands. In Australia, Prime Minister Ben Chifley provdided Thomas with a special legal status to investigate and battle the growing menace of superpowered criminals.
Ironically, two of the Kingfisher's greatest foes were his own younger sister who stole a backup pair of wings and fashioned her criminal identity as the infamous Galah and the one of Thomas' former best friends Lucas Wong, who stole Tom's last pair of spare wings and turned to crime as Australia's first asian-Australian villain the Currawong.
The KingFisher's other arch enemy was was a criminal known as 'Clamour Girl', the daughter of an acoustic engineer with an incredible natural talent for inventing who couldn't find work because she was a woman. Turning her talents to crime, she developed her 'Clamour bands' - a pair of wristbands that when struck together amplified any sound - including the human voice - to deafening levels!
During the 1950s and early 1960s, Clamour Girl and the Galah clashed constantly with the KingFisher until the unexpected happened - Clamour Girl had fallen for the winged hero and turned against her one time partner in crime to join the Kingfisher in the fight for justice. But time had caught up with the Kingfisher and he put his wings into storage and retired back to the 'normal life' with his reformed wife.

Many years later, after the death of his grandfather, Tim discovered the wings and clamour bands one used by his grandparents to fight crime. Instantly seeing the opportunity for fame and fortune as a famous superhero, Tim designed a costume and took up the mantle of The Kookaburra!

Tim considers himself the only 'normal' member of the Defenders and is often left wondering exactly what he has gotten himself into….


Thomas Fisher, the 'Kingfisher'


Betty Austin, 'Clamour Girl'

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