Magnum Ray

"I hope we get badgers for this"


SECRET ID : Ray the stockman
ORIGIN : Magic
GLOBAL ID : @Energoid
POWERS : Ray is a simple man, with a single simple desire, but leading an evermore complex life, and with nary a badger to be seen!

Ice Bolt, Ice Blast, Freeze Ray, Aim, Ice Storm, Bitter Ice Blast, Bitter Freeze Ray, Blizzard, Power Thrust, Build Up, Power Boost, Combat Jumping, Superjump, Hurdle, Health, Stamina, Aid Other, Aid Self

Ray was a stockman working in the Australian outback when he came across a bunyip at a billabong. "G'day mate, ow ya goin?" said Ray, "G'day mate, yeah not bad, ta" replied the bunyip. The bunyip was so impressed that Ray had stopped for a chin-wag, rather than just run away like a big girls blouse, he offered to grant him one wish. Ray thought deeply for a moment, then said one thing he'd always wanted was a way to keep amber fluid cold in the outback. So the bunyip gave him an enchanted Driza-Bone coat, which gave Ray the ability to instantly cool his slab of beers, and even snap freeze the snags and damper in his tuckerbag.
"Strewth, that's a bloody bewdy, ta mate" said Ray, "No worries mate" said the bunyip. Then to celebrate, they both got totally shit-faced on ice cold tinnies.
When Ray eventually returned to the big smoke, a cobber told him of a place that was giving "badgers" to heroes who arrested larrikins. So armed with his magic Driza-Bone coat, and taking on the heroic name of his favourite icecream, Magnum Ray headed to Paragon City - he'd always wanted a badger.

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