Min Min

"Hold fast, Defenders!"


SECRET ID : Jen Andersen, 20 year old Paragon University student based in Founder's Falls
ARCHETYPE : Controller
ORIGIN : Mutant
PRIMARY : Fire Control
SECONDARY : Storm Summoning
GLOBAL ID : @Min Min
POWERS : Min Min's mutant abilities extend to psychokinetic control of the atmosphere around her, with a particular affinity for heat. This ranges from simple abilities such as choking foes with super-heated air and blowing them around with wind gusts to much more complicated feats such as creating semi-autonomous extensions of her abilities like Fire Imps and area control abilities like Bonfire and Freezing Rain. In recent months she has even developed minor abilites to enhance metabolism such as Hastening her powers, providing herself with increased Stamina and also O2 Boosting others.

Jen was always different. With glowing eyes and blue skin she was always going to stand out. Fortunately growing up on a cattle property in the Australian bush meant that her exposure to the merciless teasing of other children was at a minimum and she had, on the whole, a happy childhood. As a teenager, and with her abilities just beginning to manifest themselves, she deliberately flaunted her differences, something that would carry over into her Paragon city career. Even amongst her friends and family she became known as Min Min because her glowing eyes would always show her presence in the dark, even at a distance, reminding everyone of the Australian legend of the Min Min Lights.


After high school Jen had intended to pursue a career in Environmental Science but that was all interrupted with the destruction of her parent's house on their property. The house looked riddled with explosives and high velocity small arms fire, and there was no sign of either of her parents. Soon after this Jen received a tip-off from an unknown source in the form of a picture of her mother in a paramilitary uniform with the Malta Group insignia and a note with two words: "Paragon City".

Everyone knows about Paragon City, and Jen had considered moving there when she was older several times. She'd often wondered what it would be like to fit in. With her abilities she was easily able to get a scholarship to Paragon University, where she could pursue her planned career as a bonus. (Although with a small change: not too many Environmental Science departments include mandatory body armour or optional courses like Environmental Hazards 301 - Hostile Trees and Shrubbery). The plan behind everything she's doing is to get enough experience as a hero to get to the security levels where the Malta Group information can be shared. Perhaps her parents are still alive. Perhaps her mutation and powers have a more sinister reason than just blind genetics …

Arriving in Paragon she soon hooked up with other Australian expatriat heroes in the New Defenders of the Southern Cross, where she has become one of the senior members, despite her young age. The New Defenders have been good for Jen, as she has quickly progressed in security clearance and development of her powers. The Super Group has also helped her University work as well with extensive contact with the Devouring Earth and even an assignment on base architecture for her minor in Metahuman Studies. (She got a B- with one of her Lecturers writing very functional, but this girl doesn't know a thing about aesthetics).


Min Min and some of the New Defenders in SG Uniform


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