Roo Shooter

"Nts nts nts!"


SECRET ID : Rufus Boomer (but he only uses that on official doco; he still looks like a giant heavily armed Kangaroo when he's not being a hero)
ORIGIN : Mutant
PRIMARY : Assault Rifle
GLOBAL ID : @Min Min
POWERS : He's a heavily armed marsupial who's weapons include an assault rifle, a really BIG axe, lack of deoderant, grenades, mines and an razor sharp sense of irony.

The recent drop in numbers of professional kangaroo hunters in Australia has puzzled many. Even more puzzling is that few of the "Roo Shooters" (as they are called) who are leaving the job are willing to divulge the reasons why. However, this reporter has managed to interview the few that wish to talk about it. Their stories paint an interesting picture:

"They've got guns! They're shooting back! You couldn't pay me to go out there again!"

"We were out on the truck with Wally on the spotlight. The spottie stuns them for a second and then we shoot them. Simple. But this time, we shone the spottie and then a laser targetting sight shone back on Wally!"

"This other time we took the truck out and then there was this huge bang. When we jumped out the tires were all blown and the road had heaps of these little tack things. An army mate later told me that they were probably Caltrops. In the bush! They use those against APCs!!"

more to come

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