Rules & Regulations

Defenders Rules and Regulations

The aim of the game is for everyone to have a fun time playing City of Heroes. With this in mind there are a few rules for everyone to abide by…

Play nice. Remember that you're playing with others, and therefore you should play fair. Be heroic!

Have fun. Remember this is a game. Don't take it too seriously! Debt happens!

Be polite to others. Badmouth the npc's all you like, but keep you comments to other players within the realms of good taste. Trash talking can be fun, but screaming abuse is not. The use of foul language intended to hurt another player is not allowed.

Have your fellow members backs. If someone needs help with a mission, try to help them. If you're helping them, don't pick up and leave. Consider that you wouldn't want them doing the same to you.

Complaints. If you have complaints about the conduct or behaviour of any other VG member please contact a site moderator or admin or a senior SG member in-game.

We do not condone racist, sexist, inflammatory, or otherwise objectionable statements from our members, and anyone found guilty of such comments will be kicked from the SG and banned from this site and will not readmitted.

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