Meet Min Min

by Entrope

Damn, Jen thought to herself. Two weeks in this city, no sunlight at all and now Blueys, the only Aussie-themed pub in the whole city won't even serve her a beer. Something about legal drinking age. Ridiculous! She was 19 already!

As she stormed away from the bar something caught her eye on the noticeboard;

Far From Home?
Australians Welcome!
The Defenders of the Southern Cross
Join the New Defenders TODAY!!
Contact Terra Australis for details.

Now isn't that something? That might be worth looking into. At the bottom of the flier she saw an address in Steel Canyon. Not too far and since she couldn't get a drink anyway she might as well head on over. A short train trip later and she was staring at a fairly non-descript looking door with a button and little else. Hmm, not looking good. Oh well, let's see how it goes and she hit the buzzer.

And again. Longer.

"Hold ze horses! I am coming! Justin, if zat is vous, I told vous zat I love ze web site and ze cheque is in ze … well hallo, mon cheri". A man had answered the door. A very strange-looking, and obviously French, man in a purple costume with a checker pattern. The fact that he wasn't wearing pants, a towel wrapped around his neck and had some sort of metal foil wrapped around his long pointed moustaches and goatee only accentuated the strangeness.

"Ah, apologies ma bleu petit, I am not accepting ze adulation of ze fans right now, but if vous would be so kind as to wait in ze lobby I will just finish my costume et maquillage. Come! Come! Sit!"

Still trying to work out what he had said Jen allowed herself to be blustered in to sit on a ratty old couch. Still bewildered she caught the back of the frenchman leaving the room muttering "ah, ze World's Greatest Archair does it for ze ladies every time".

"Excuse me, but I think I'm looking for Terra Australis?", she finally managed.

From somewhere else in the base she heard a muffled "Who?".

And then, "Oh. Ze new guy? Why would vous want 'eem when vous has ze … Breton Bowman!" With that, the now fully clothed Archer emerged and presented himself with a flourish. Jen stood, still a bit taken aback as the archer approached. Placing a hand on her cheek he said, "Ah, mon cheri, if I only I 'ad ze time to be with vous as vous so clearly desires, but I must be away." He strode purposefully to a suddenly glowing corner of the room and turned back to her. "Zere is crime in zis city and I, I am its foil!" and with that, the strange frenchman disappeared into the blue light.

After Jen had recovered from her laughing fit she began to look around the base. Lots of small things that reminded her of home. Here a photo of some couple in diving gear, obviously out on the Great Barrier Reef, there a simple photo of an older couple with the older man wearing an Akubra. She liked that one, it reminded her of her own parents.

Jen was quickly brought out of her reverie by a sudden crash from the Base's door. A large man covered in stony growths had crashed through the door and was now lying on the lobby floor. As he began to stand up (surprisingly quickly considering he looked to be nearly solid stone), a huge Werewolf ducked its head as it entered the room closely followed by a pair of pistol-wielding zombies. The werewolf gave a huge roar as it beat on its chest and attacked.

Jen immediately dumped her long coat (hey, it's cold in Rhode Island, but clothing on fire is rarely good) and stepped out of it. "Want a hand, mate?"

The stone man turned to her in surprise. "Sure, be my guest".

A brief moment of concentration and the wolf began choking as the air in its lungs began to superheat. The zombies began to level their pistols, but a quick raise of her hands and a sudden force of wind blew them off their feet and back out the door. The wolf was already beginning to breathe normally so she again focussed her power on keeping it disabled.

"Quickly mate; I'm not sure how long I can hold it! Take it down!"

With that, the stone man smiled at her and raised his rocky hands which before her eyes thickened and formed a huge stony hammer, which he wheeled around and swung into the chest of the supernatural creature. The werewolf dissipated almost on impact.

"These aren't normally a problem, but I think that with the M.A.G.I banishing spell nearly complete, they're trying a last ditch effort", he said as he held his hands out to the floor beneath him. A green glow enveloped him from the ground itself and Jen heard a quietly muttered an almost reverential utterance in what sounded to be some sort of Australian Aboriginal language.

The zombies lurched back into the room only for one to be met by a huge stony fist and the other a cage of fiery air. The zombies were obviously made of much less dangerous magic, because they disappeared almost immediately.

The stone man turned to her, his skin becoming more flesh-toned every second. "The name's Terra Australis, thanks for that."

Jen smiled and offered her hand. "Well I guess you can call me Min Min. Glad to meet you".

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