Tasmanian Tiger

Slice n' Dice!!


SECRET ID : Robert Irwin
ARCHETYPE : Scrapper
ORIGIN : Natural
SECONDARY : Regeneration
POWERS : To be added later

CHARACTER HISTORY : Legend says that hundreds of years ago, the tasmanian tigers of Australia were almost hunted to extinction by European settlers.

In an attempt to save their race, the tigers prayed to the 'Dreamtime Gods' for salvation. The Gods took pity on them and granted them the ability to take the guise of man and therefore hide amongst their would be destroyers, from that day the Thyacine tribe of Aboriginals was born.

Through the years, as generations passed, the Thyacine people assimilated themselves into modern society, but rumours say that a select few of them still carry the lifeblood of their ancestors and are able to shapeshift into a tiger/man hybrid.


As a child growing up in Australia, Robert Irwin had frequent dreams in which he saw himself running wild with a pack of strange striped dogs. These dreams didn't scare him, to the contrary they filled him with a sense of freedom and he was always disappointed upon waking in the morning to find they were only dreams.

Robert was always a fit and active child, this continued into his early teenaged years. He always seemed to be faster, stronger and more agile than the kids of his age, he was also rarely sick and seemed to recall that his typical childhood bumps and scraps were often fully healed within hours. Being fit, good looking and good at sports, he was naturally liked by all and although he could have used his strength and popularity to put himself above the others, he found himself as a protector of those not as blessed as he was. In fact it was one day, soon after his 15th birthday, when he came to the assistance of one of his class mates who was being bullied , that Robert first realised there was something different about him.

It started on a friday afternoon as school was due to end. He overheard cries for help from the other side of the school yard. He rushed over to find the school bully holding one of the smaller weaker kids in a headlock. Robert told him to stand aside but the bully instead launched himself at him. Acting on instinct, Robert defended himself, flinging the bully to the ground. The next thing he knew, Robert was kneeling over the bully with 3 foot-long claws extended inches from his opponent's face. Robert quickly released the bully in shock at what had happened and as he backed away the claws retracted back into his hand.

When he returned home to tell his parents, they smiled and told him to sit down. What followed was a story Robert found impossible to believe at first. That he was the latest in a long line to be blessed with the powers of Thyacine people. In essence, the gods had chosen him to assume the mantle of the Tasmanian Tiger who legends say was a protector of the innocent. That night, Robert found that his long forgotten dreams from childhood had returned, through which the ancient Dreamtime Gods instructed him in the use of his powers.

Unable to deny his destiny, Robert Irwin became Tasmanian Tiger and used his unique abilities to fight crime and protect the innocent and helpless over the span of many years, earning the respect and admiration of many Australians. Not long after his 25th birthday, he saw the reports on the news of the Rikti Invasions in faraway Paragon City. He caught the first plane over and began his life as a hero again in this new city and played an active part in bringing the alien Rikti threat under control.

Paragon City was a legend in itself, a city where super powered beings thrived, not just heroes but villains alike. For months Tasmanian Tiger took his fight to evil wherever he found it. He spent time as a reserve member of the Freedom Phalanx, led by the legendary Statesman. It was here that he met the heroine named Sister Psych. She was assigned as his mentor but they soon became close friends. What began as a friendship soon developed into a romance which lasted 9 months during they both learned that unfortunately there is no place for love in the life of a super hero. With much regret they parted ways, knowing that their feelings for each other would always stand the way of their lives as heroes.

Not long after, he met another woman who come would change his life. It was after the aprehension of a mob of the gang called the Hellions that he met, Selene Typhoon, better known as the heroine Mistress Typhoon. A group of rookie heroes had got in over their heads in The Hollows and had put out a call for assistance which both Mistress Typhoon and Tasmanian Tiger answered. After the battle was won, the two heroes realised they had both left behind careers as heroes in Australia to aid the protectors of Paragon City. They soon became friends who would spend time together aiding the less powerful heroes of the city, this was a past time which soon formed a partnership fighting crime. Not long after this they both decided to make their partnership official and formed the Paragon Protection League, a group dedicated to the training of future protectors of Paragon City. Much of Tasmanian Tiger's time was spent mentoring his many proteges amongst which were the mighty ice giant Slab, the arachnid Redback Spider and former ninja assassin Sadoko.

More to come….

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