Terra Australis

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ORIGIN : Magic
GLOBAL ID : @Hamern
POWERS : Terra's powers are a sacred gift from the spirits of the Dreaming. He has been granted the strength and toughness of his ancient homeland.


As a child I did not believe the Dreaming tales, believing them only to be campfire tales and the imaginings of the uneducated. I did love my country though, and felt a fascination for the old bones of this ancient land. The rocks had so much to tell us, they contain so many memories of the slow march of time. I studied Geology at university, and was happy to work at the underground mines of WA. Recently we were opening up a new stope, and I found myself at the face of a drive sampling ore. The other miners had gone for crib, I had but a few more samples to gather before I too would leave. As I inspected the face, reading the story that the earth was telling I heard around me a loud crack, like a nearby lightning strike.
Cave-ins do not happen as you see them in the movies, with the earth shaking and a tumble of rocks from the roof. There will be a crack or a tear, and within seconds tonnes of rock that was on the roof will suddenly be on the floor. As I heard that sound, I was struck with the knowledge that in a few seconds I may be dead. I felt a heavy blow on my back and instantly all went to darkness.
When next I became aware, I could not feel pain or weight, indeed I could not feel my body at all. I was floating in a sea of darkness, surrounded by a beautiful cloud of stars. For a long time nothing happened, and I floated at peace in the solitude. It was so beautiful. But then I noticed movement, a flickering. The motion grew closer, and I began to make out a being of translucent light. The creature grew closer to me, and I noticed now its size. It was huge, swimming between the stars as a fish through coral. Suddenly it occurred to me that it was indeed a fish, immense beyond my imagining. Made of light yet somewhat translucent, I could see the stars both through it and reflected in its glistening scales. It did not seem to notice me until it was almost upon me, but suddenly it stopped and kicked its body to the side. There it paused, still holding me in the gaze if an immense eye. It was then that I heard a voice in my mind.
Kinjapuri it was, spirit of the Coral Trout. Long had it swum the Southern Skies, and it had many stories to tell. For the longest time I floated there and listened to the tales of the march of ages. But slowly I noticed a growing melancholy, despair that things were no longer in balance. Finally Kinjapuri told of growing evil in the world. The land itself was hurting, and needed a champion. The pain of the spirit had moved me to tears, and I asked what I could do. You can return from whence you came, was the answer. Take up the fight, become a Defender against evil for those who cannot. I will, I promised. The stars faded.
I awoke in the mine once more. Still the rocks pressed down on my body, but it no longer caused me pain. For the spirit had given me the strength of the rock, lending me protection from the very bones of my ancient land.

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