The Defenders of the Southern Cross Base


  • Min Min is currently looking after Base Design, but realistically anyone with Captain or higher ranking in the SG can modify the base.
  • The base design as it stands is focussed mainly on functionality at the expense of Raid usefulness and aesthetics. This will change as we slowly acrue prestige. Should Items or Power suddenly make in appearance, there will probably be a vault where Teleport Chamber B is now.
  • Please don't pay the rent until it's 2 weeks overdue. There is a stupid problem with the game's rent code where paying it on time or early means you get billed more.


A (Base Room Type: Secure Portal Room)

The main transport room in the base with lots of detail added to make it look interesting. There's a launch bay for Longbow Chasers (if only they really worked) as well as a flight control panel and a Supergroup meeting table. But the key focus of this room is it's (currently 7, but up to 8) telepads.

The telepads in this room take you to:

  • Atlas Park/Galaxy City
  • Kings Row/The Hollows
  • Skyway City/Steel Canyon
  • Faultline/Dark Astoria
  • Independence Port/Talos Islan
  • Striga Isle/Croatoa
  • Brickstown/Founder's Falls

B (Base Room Type:Teleport Chamber 1)

This was to be a second hazard zone teleport chamber because I thought we were getting a new zone in I10, but the Rikti Warzone will replace the existing Rikti Crash Site. Next time I'm mucking around with the base this room will be nixed and it's sole telepad moved into the main portal room.

The telepad in this room takes you to:

  • Perez Park/Boomtown

C (Base Room Type:Teleport Chamber 1)

The hazard zone teleport chamber with it's ominous red lighting. Oooh scarrry!

The telepads in this room take you to:

  • Crey's Folly/Eden
  • Peregrine Island/Rikti Crash Site (Rikti Warzone)

D (Base Room Type:Workshop 1)

The base items workshop. In here we have the base salvage racks and the tech and arcane worktables. A necessary component of base building, but not terribly functional for anyone not actually working on the base.

One note: I do use the base salvage stored in these racks. Any donations to the cause of base building are happily received, but don't obsess over it, most SGs have far more salvage than they will every need.

E (Base Room Type:Workshop 1)

The personal items workshop. In here we have several enhancement storage tables as well as a Vault to access your personal salvage storage and an Invention Worktable where you can build stuff. If only there was a base item to access Wentworth's …

Feel free to make use of the facilities, but note that you may need base permissions beyond the lowest levels to retrieve items from storage.

F (Base Room Type:Entry)

Welcome to the Defenders of the Southern Cross base! Mind your step, and no flash photography (it scares the frenchman).

G (Base Room Type:Infirmary)

Personally, not an area I want to visit often, but useful nonetheless. The Supergroup healing badges are quite difficult to obtain, so we're stuck with the basic unit here for a while. If anyone sees Aspro Boy, please crack the whip and tell him he needs to do more PUGs. The New Defenders suck for getting healing badges, Lady Levee and Kookaburra keep us too safe.

This is the last of the functionally useful rooms.

H (Base Room Type:Control 1)

Every base must have it's source of Control (one of the two fundamental stats that an SG base runs on). Some nice soul who originally built the base shelled out for a Supercomputer, which is something we reap the benefits of. Most bases our size really struggle with Control, which the Supercomputer gives us in spades.

I (Base Room Type:Energy 1)

The other fundamental stat that a base runs on is Power, and the Energy Room and it's Basic Generator do it for us. The Basic Generator has been augmented with a couple of Circuit Breakers, and this is sufficient for our energy needs. The next step up is a Turbine Generator, which costs well over a million prestige, so we'd probably best make do for the moment.

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