The Redback Spyder

<eeeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaahhhh>


SECRET ID : Chris "The Edge" F
ARCHETYPE : Scrapper
ORIGIN : Mutant
PRIMARY : Dual Blade
SECONDARY : Regeneration
GLOBAL ID : Black and Blue Edge
POWERS : Power Slice, Ablating Strike, Fast Healing, Quick Recovery

CHARACTER HISTORY : Way down south of Western Australia in a little coastal town called Busselton, there was a little known Underground Nuclear Power Station. A few years back it suffered a meltdown, (not very good for the local fauna or insects that inhabited the area). A few insects managed to survive however mutated into unusual species. One of these just happened to be the humble but poisonous Redback Spider.

"Got bitten by a Redback whilst sittin on the outside dunny. Hurt like hell but i'm not compaining, coz in the morning I found my new Super Powers".

TEAM, TEAM, TEAM, TEAM, TEAM TEAM. I even love saying the word "TEAM", you probably think that's a picture of my family? UH UH. It's the "A TEAM", Bodie, Doyle, Tiger, the Jewellery man.

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